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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Prep to List right for me?
    We are a smart option if you are serious about selling. Also, if you understand your home may need some attention to be market ready to sell for top dollar. Sellers can keep $20K+ of equity.
  • What's the difference vs. using a Realtor?
    Our approach mirrors that of top agents. However, we provide more home prep & digital marketing vs. the average agent. If you can mostly handle some buyer agent inquires about your home on your own, you can keep a lot more of your home's equity. All important legal matters are handled by your attorney in any transaction.
  • How will you help prepare to sell?
    We put together a custom plan: This includes specific home staging and cosmetic improvements to maximize your profits. We handle completing the cosmetic updates and can provide funding. We have the best digital media to market your home online.
  • How is the fee paid?
    In stages, $49 to start the pre-sale process, then $495 right before listing. The remainder ($2,355) is paid when you sell assuming your home is market ready.
  • Are you a real estate brokerage?
    No. We are the experts in real estate marketing & home prep (the most important part of selling). We also provide the tools/guidance you need for the entire selling process as well as a broker partner for MLS listing & managing offers.
  • Are there any other fees?
    No other fees.
  • Do I have to pay any commission?
    Sellers typically offer around 2.5% to buyer agents as it is important for them to be incentivized to bring their buyers. Sellers save on the 2.5-3% listing commission.
  • Do you visit my home in person?
    Our inital process is typically virtual and we capture a full 3D scan of the interior & exterior of your home. Marketing and home improvement vendors will be in person.
  • What if my home does not sell?
    With our superior home prep & marketing we create significant demand and your home has a very high chance of selling for the highest market price. The largest barrier to selling is typically an unrealistic asking price. If you decide not to sell, only $495 of the remainder of our fee will be due to cover some of your marketing expenses. Sellers receive well over $1,000 in value from our services.
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