Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

In the current world, where an organization's data is the most important commodity, preventing a cyber-attack is always better than curing one. Our managed SOC services experts help you to implement the complete SOC starting from selection of tools and technologies to final tuning and detection Our managed SOC services help you with: • Managed SIEM • Threat Intelligence and Prevention • 24*7 Managed Incident Response • Active Response and Block • Security Orchestration and Automation (Managed SOAR) • Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing

Managed SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automation)

As cybercriminals are evolving and threats are becoming more severe there is a shortage of IT security personnel in the market. With the help of SOAR, we help companies of all sizes to improve their ability to automatically detect and respond to cybersecurity threats by minimizing the role of humans. Also, we enable SOAR to respond automatically to thousands of alerts and perform both reactive and proactive approaches to pursue cyber threats effectively. Our Managed SOAR services help you with: • Event aggregation and reporting • Generation and Mitigation of incidents • Automatic response to hundreds of alerts to reduce TAT • Use case integration and playbooks to manage Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

As most organizations fails to detect and patch the vulnerabilities. Adversaries uses the opportunity to exploit the same when they get into the environment. Most knows ransomware are able to exploit knows vulnerabilities in windows, causing millions of dollars in ransom to the organizations. At SIEMCognito, we have experts to help you with vulnerability management and Penetration testing. It will help you to get inside out and outside in approach of your environment's security. VAPT is important for your organization if you want to achieve compliance including GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. Our VAPT services covers: • Web Application VAPT • Android and iOS Application VAPT • Code Vulnerability Scanning

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services

Cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication every day. Increasing laptops, servers, and mobile devices increase the attack surface of an organization. With SIEMCognito's Managed Detection and Response (MDR), you get the best insights in all your endpoints whether it is a laptop, Desktop, Workstation, or Server. SIEMCognito's MDR expert team can help you to monitor all the endpoints 24*7 with a proactive approach by enabling active response and block mode for any malicious content on any of the endpoints. Our MDR services features include: • 24*7 audit monitoring of all endpoints. • Active Response and Block of malicious content. • File Integrity Monitoring • Registry Monitoring • Hash Scanning •Application Whitelisting

Digital Forensic Services

With increased cyber-attacks, digital forensics of infected endpoints becomes necessary to detect adversarial behaviours and malware tactics used for lateral movement across the organization. We have helped fortune 500 clients to mitigate the risks by detecting APT's in their endpoint via digital forensics of the infected windows servers. SIEMCognito's digital forensics service includes: • Server Forensic • Mobile Forensics • Infected Laptops Forensics • DataBase Forensic

Security Engineering - Managed Splunk | Elasticsearch | SOAR | Azure | AWS | DevOps

With increased overhead of cybersecurity, It becomes difficult for companies to manage the resources and infrastructure. SIEMCognito has proven track record of handling infrastructure of fortune 500 clients with more than 1.5 lakh endpoints. SIEMCognito's security engineering experts can help you with below technologies. • Managed Splunk Services • Managed Elasticsearch Services • Managed SOAR Services • Microsoft Information Protection • DevSecOps Services • Patching and Maintenance • Architecture Design and Development • Custom Application •Web App Design and Development

Red Teaming Activities

Red teaming activitied helps an organization to get prepared for stopping any future attacks. It helps an organization to detect lapses in their security perimeter.

  • We do hacker simulation using red teaming exercise.
  • It helps and organization to validate their security posture and its effectiveness.