Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different than other contractors?

We take the hassle out of renovating with a digital approach. We do virtual consultations for design, materials & pricing. We source the materials based on your inspirations & you will work with your dedicated project manager vs the contractor.

How are materials selected?

We provide material options online based on your inspiration, however, you can always select other materials.

Does someone have to visit my home in person?

We are usually able to get a good view of the room with photos or videos & basic measurments.

If your project is a bit more complex the contractor will visit your home for a more accurate estimate.

How does pricing work?

Examples of our competitive pricing and what is included can be found on our site. Click "view project details" on our home page.

What is your payment structure?

We typically require 35% of the project before ordering materials. The remaining is paid on completion.

Are you licensed & insured?

We are full licensed in NJ & insured for at least $1,000,000. A copy of our insurance policy will be provided with your contract.

Who are the contractors completing the work?

Our contractors are highly skilled in bathrooms, kitchens, or curb appeal. All contractors are local in the North/Central Jersey area.

How long does it take to schedule?

Because we are digital, we move quickly & depending on materials being used we can start in 3-4 weeks.